Nick Showman
Nick Showman is the owner of Showtime Strength & Performance. Since focusing on strength & conditioning, Nick has competed in bodybuilding, strongman, and powerlifting and learned training methods from the best in the world in each sport. Nick has helped athletes begin their athletic careers as children and has helped many athletes get to the collegiate level in sports.
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Accommodating Resistance: A guide of Why, How and When to Use It

Bands and chains have been used in powerlifting gyms over the last few decades with great success. Over the last decade there have been several coaches implementing their use into a high school [...]


Getting the Most out of Millennial Athletes

September 14, 2018, Nick Showman in millennials Leave a comment

Many negative things have been said about the athletes of today's generation (Millennials); coaches and parents will say they are "soft," that they are entitled or lazy. Much of the time spent [...]