Why Your Leaders On-The-Field Also Need to Be Leaders in the Weight Room

The culture of a team (or organization) has a way of electing leaders that may not be cutout for front rank.  Leadership at times can depend on seniority, experience, playing stats or skill rather than physicality, robustness, mentality and will. In my opinion, it is of the utmost importance that the leader of your team is the […]

Why Your Small School Strength Coach Should Be the Highest Paid Coach on Your Staff

Given the amount of education strength coaches must attain combined with many roles they play on an athletics staff, it’s common knowledge that the majority of strength coaches are underpaid. In fact, there are virtually no other professions which require similar demands but pay as little as the strength industry does. However, very few strength […]

Scott Cochran’s Record-Breaking Contract is Good For All Strength Coaches

Unless you live under a rock then you may have heard about the blockbuster contract awarded to Alabama Football’s Head Strength Coach Scott Cochran. He will now be earning $525k per year – more than enough to live nicely in Tuscaloosa, wouldn’t you say? The coach who become famous for his incoherent yelling was even featured […]

TeamBuildr 4.0 is here

TeamBuildr 4.0 is here – a massive release that took more than a year of development. As with many of our past releases, the workout builder (the Calendar) was at the center of our development efforts. From day one, we always aimed to build a product that saved coaches time. This release is no different […]