Affordable, Fundamental Nutrition for The High School Athlete

September 21, 2018, Nick Bronkall in nutrition Leave a comment

My mom used to always say when I was a teen, “My son is eating me out of house and home!” So now that I'm an adult professional performance coach, I am here to share how our young athletes can eat [...]


Creating a "Culture of Recovery" Among Your Athletes

September 14, 2018, Carmen Pata in recovery Leave a comment

Have you ever experienced one of those dreams that was so powerful it woke you up from your deep and restful sleep? 


Accommodating Resistance: A guide of Why, How and When to Use It

Bands and chains have been used in powerlifting gyms over the last few decades with great success. Over the last decade there have been several coaches implementing their use into a high school [...]


Getting the Most out of Millennial Athletes

September 14, 2018, Nick Showman in millennials Leave a comment

Many negative things have been said about the athletes of today's generation (Millennials); coaches and parents will say they are "soft," that they are entitled or lazy. Much of the time spent [...]


It’s Not You, It’s Me: Why Millennials Aren’t the Issue in Strength and Conditioning

There are a million fluff pieces and field guides out there outlining “dealing” with millennials as if they are a foreign species. 


Reinforcing Why Track and Field Needs Strength Work

September 06, 2018, Carmen Pata in track Leave a comment

Every year, throngs of people hear the siren call from the track and field community in hopes of chasing after the ever elusive desire for speed. While it is logical to go to the sport that boasts [...]


Analysis: Strength Coaches Should Condition Athletes With More Precision

August 31, 2018, Chris Neff in conditioning 1 Comment

As strength and conditioning coaches, many of us feel comfortable with programming and implementing precisely periodized strength training for our athletes.


Five Pieces of Advice for High School Strength Coaches from a College Strength Coach

Each year for the last 16 years, I get to work with about 200 freshmen student-athletes that decide to go to college at my school. They come from all over the country and some international [...]


3 Reasons Why an Assistant Football Coach Does Not Equal a Strength Coach

Many schools have been successful with having an assistant coach also serve as the strength coach. However, if your school has an option of hiring a separate strength coach or filling the position [...]


Sorry, Bodybuilders Make For Crappy Football Players

“Coach, what’s today? Back and Bi’s? Chest and Tri’s?”

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