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3 Common Deadlift Mistakes Holding Your Athletes Back

February 06, 2018, Justin Ochoa in Olympic 1 Comment

One of the most important, if not THE most important, movement patterns in a long-term athletic development system is the hip hinge. All the cool kids refer to these as deadlifts. A loaded hip [...]


The Best Three Deadlift Variations For Athletes With Back Pain

When I say “deadlift,” what is your initial visualization of the word? You probably imagined an athlete on a platform, doing a conventional stance deadlift, with a barbell, from the floor – right? [...]


Coaching Olympic Lifting for High Schoolers

Youth athletics has become increasingly popular in the US over the past two decades which means kids are also beginning to compete year-round in one sport through various clubs and non-school [...]


Why Your Strength and Conditioning Program Needs Olympic Lifting

The goal of every strength and conditioning program is to develop strength, speed, and power. Understanding the importance of olympic lifting is crucial to strength and conditioning success — it [...]