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Football Offseason Culture Building: The Summer Survivor Series

Football is a sport where a strong culture and foundation for a winning program can be built in your offseason program, especially at your summer strength and conditioning sessions. Here's why:


Why "Culture" is So Important for Millennial Athletes

The San Francisco 49ers hired Jim Tomsula in 2015 to be their Head Coach. In his introductory press conference, Coach Tomsula was asked about his stance on social media. Coach Tomsula replied: “I [...]


Diving Deeper: Mentoring Student-Athletes

The name “coach” carries a lot of weight. I believe that particularly in the high school arena we as coaches have a large role. In my 6 years of coaching at the high school level, I have learned [...]


How to Not Be a "Soft" Athlete (1 of 3)

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this blog series and thanks to Hewitt and Teambuildr for asking me to be a part of this. In this 3-part blog series, I will share short stories or personal [...]


Meet the Parents: Why It is Important to Build Relationships with the Athlete's Family

I have only been the head coach of freshman football for 2 seasons, but I have learned that the key to a successful high school sports season is communication.


Strength Training Baseball Players 101 - (Part 2 of 3)

In Part I of this three-part series we discussed some of the most fundamental concepts behind “baseball-specific” strength training. In all reality, we talked through some of the do’s and don’t’s [...]


Running a High School Female Strength and Speed Program

At Piedmont High, we have put a special focus on increasing our numbers of female athletes participating in our year-round sports performance program.


Preparing Your High School Athlete for College Athletics

Early in my career, I was a sport and strength and conditioning coach for several high school teams. Fortunately for my athletes, I wasn’t far along enough in my career as a strength coach to try [...]