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"Account Toggling" Now Available for Multi-School Strength Coaches

Sep 29, 2014

If a strength trains via a private practice or contracts their services to multiple teams/schools, TeamBuildr now has the capability to seamless manage all those athletes in a single account.

"Account Toggling" allows a strength coach to toggle between schools or teams using a dropdown selection. For instance, if a coach trains a local high school team and a local college team, he or she can then select the team when logging on in order to build workouts and send messages without sharing a portal with another school.

teambuildr account toggling

This is beneficial in a few ways:

1. Schools can have their own custom skin and portal for themselves.

2. Strength coaches can have each school pay for their own athletes without having to calculate/split costs from one account to multiple schools.

3. Teams can now enjoy a Team Feed that belongs to their school or team.

4. Strength coaches have an easier time managing their clients online

5. It's 100% free

If you are interested in activating "Account Toggling" for your training, simply email us at and we will install it on your account

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