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10 Strength & Conditioning Instagram Accounts to Follow

Grace Stiles
Mar 23, 2023

Whether it is a new training exercise or tips on periodization, social media plays a major role in providing coaches with educational content. When used properly, social media is a great resource for strength and conditioning coaches at all levels. Nowadays, there is no shortage of fitness influencers out there, so you have to sift through what is useful and what is not. To help steer you in the right direction, we have provided the top 10 strength & conditioning Instagram accounts you should be following:

1. Sportsmith (@sportsmithhq)

This account provides educational articles ranging from ACL rehab to isometric strength training. Their posts highlight significant quotes from the authors as well as technical exercise demonstration videos that complement each article. This account dives into various sports including soccer, ice hockey, rugby, and more.

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2. Zach Dechant (@zachdechant)

This account provides insight on overall athletic development, but primarily focuses on baseball athletes. Zach’s videos present you with new exercise ideas for dynamic warm-ups, speed training, sprint mechanics, rotational exercises, and more. Zach also touches on sport science elements like periodization and energy system training.

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3. MamasteFit: Gina & Roxanne (@mamastefit) 

This account focuses on prenatal and postpartum exercises and workouts. They offer many tips for dealing with common issues that many women face pre and post childbirth. They offer free courses and guides to help women navigate the challenges of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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4. Max Schmarzo (@strong_by_science)

This account focuses on the importance of training like an athlete. Max presents a combination of strength, power, and speed exercises that helps prepare athletes for the demands of their sport. Although most of his content is for all athletes, he specializes in working with basketball players.

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5. Elon Sports Performance (@elonperformance)

Elon University Sports Performance account uses exercise demonstration videos to highlight various training progressions. Their platform targets all team sports while touching on novel training concepts like isometric training and box breathing to name a few.

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6. Alex Natera (@alex.natera)

Alex is a performance consultant who focuses on topics like isometric strength training and speed training exercises. This account highlights hundreds of exercises and the importance of tracking load distribution using force plates. He displays free educational content as well as special offers to online courses.

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7. Annette Zapp (@firerescuewellness)

This account narrows in on supporting firefighters’ health and wellness through education and coaching. Anette features quotes from her podcast episodes and also provides other helpful health tips for firefighters and tactical strength and conditioning coaches.

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8. Science for Sport (@scienceforsport)

This is a great resource for coaches and athletes of all sports. This account explains the importance of various training methods and how they influence sport-specific adaptations. Their posts highlight exercises and infographics that are backed by research.

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9. Falcon Human Performance (@falcon_humanperformance)

This account fixates on the health and wellness of soldiers within the military. They explain helpful tips for dealing with sleep, stress, nutrition, and other wellness factors that affect soldier physical and mental readiness.

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10. Strength Coach Job Network (@strength_coach_job_network)

This account highlights new strength and conditioning opportunities around the nation. They provide extra insight on each job posting including job description, work environment, and more. Gain access to their discord and chat with hundreds of strength coaches on topics ranging from the tips for working with high school athletes to equipment recommendations.

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