The Importance of Motivation In the Offseason (With or Without a Strength Coach)

When it comes to motivating an athlete during the athletic season, there is most likely a whole bunch of support mechanisms: a full staff of coaches, playing time, tangible competitive on the field every day, etc. However, if an athlete needs that same level of motivation during the offseason, then it’s a whole different story. The Disadvantage […]

Manning and Irsay: Where Sportsmanship Meets Business

Manning Irsay

Manning and Irsay: Why Sports and Business Don’t Mix Last week’s “controversy” surrounding Jim Irsay’s comments regarding Peyton Manning’s tenure with Colts brings up an interesting discussion of how business ethics intersect with sportsmanship. Never mind ESPN’s full-fledge “TMZ” charade on the game week topic, but the comments did spark a knee-jerk reaction among the […]