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Announcing Our 'Wearables Dashboard' for Coaches

Hewitt Tomlin
Jan 30, 2023

A few months ago we announced the launch of our integration with personal wearables which we declared Phase 1. As of today, we have launched Phase 2 which our Wearables Dashboard for Coaches.

Important: Athletes must connect their personal wearables device to TeamBuildr via the mobile app. The more athletes who connect, the more data is supplied to the dashboard.

Wearables Dashboard Pop Outs

The wearables dashboard is included with every TeamBuildr plan - from Silver to Platinum Pro.

To understand the dashboard, we have to first define the Exertion Score which is scores exertion on a scale from 1-10 based on avg. heart rate, sleep, calories burned (activity) and HRV. You can learn more about the formula here, but in short: a higher score shows higher exertion levels and lower scores show low exertion. Most importantly, the score is dynamic and personalized to each person's biometrics - then normalized to the 1-10 scale.

The featured chart in the dashboard will map out the 7-day Exertion Score for a selection - either a Group, Team, or Individual. To the right, the dashboard showcases the current Exertion score for the day, the 7-day avg. and 28-day avg. 

Scores then break down athletes into categories: Heavy Fatigued, Slight Fatigue, Moderate Fatigue and Well Rested.

Finally, the bottom table will break down athletes / clients with their Exertion score, calories burned, avg. heart rate, steps, HRV and sleep hours.

The athlete/client wearables view will not change for now. They will be able to see their Exertion Score on a day to day basis in the mobile app as well as see their daily active calories, BMR, sleep, Avg. HR and HRV.

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