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Ohio State's Strength Staff Prepares for Bama by Dressing Like Elves

Dec 23, 2014

Remember that strength coach from Ohio State that we blogged about a few months ago? The one that body-slammed that student in the football stadium in front of 105,000 fans? Well, he's back and he's dressed like an elf.

Ohio State is not only playing in the NCAA's first college football playoff but also playing the country's strongest football program in the University of Alabama. The game, which is right around the corner on Jan. 1, requires a long month of December practice during the holidays. On this particular day - before what coach Urban Meyer stated was a grueling 6am practice - the Ohio State strength staff decided to drop the whistles and pick up the Christmas costumes undoubtedly to spread a little holiday cheer before the daily grind.

And who said strength strength coaches were only good for motivating the very last rep with shouts and screams?! Coach Meyer seemed to be excited by the strength and conditioning coaches as well - he even tweeted about it!

The fun and games that day did not last long as it tends to happen when you're facing the #1 team in the nation in less than 2 weeks. On that day's practice, Coach Meyer stated, "It's four and a half days that we're going to give them because we're going to come in and practice (on the 26th), they'll go home. It will be a hard practice."

While addressing the team, Coach Meyer didn't opt to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Rather, he got straight to the point: "You're playing for the championship of college football," Meyer said "If I'm worried about curfew, 'Well, what is the curfew?' If I have to worry about that, we're not going to win."

Merry Christmas indeed!

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