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Ohio State Strength Coach Bodyslams Fan on the Field

Sep 29, 2014

Running out on the field as a fan is a bad idea no matter how you slice it. However, doing so at an Ohio State home football game is a particularly bad idea as OSU football strength coach Anthony Schlegel just showed this past Saturday.

In the video, the cluelessly Buckeye fanatic all the sudden finds himself facing a strafing Division 1 strength coach who goes for the clothesline and quickly transitions it into a form bodyslam. When a security quickly comes to apprehend the fan, that still isn't enough for coach Schlegel who collars the fan up from the ground and throws him into the sideline like he just got tossed out of the campus bar for harassing the co-eds.

Video evidence is bountiful:
Ohio State Strength Coach Bodyslams Fan on the Field


Even Stone Cold Steve Austin Approves:

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