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JJ Watt Recovers Own Strip Sack Then Catches TD Pass

Dec 3, 2014

This year has been JJ Watt's coming out party and considering the fact that he has more TDs than most offensive players in the league, we don't need to tell you how good JJ Watt is.

BUT, this video will show you how hard JJ Watt really rocks as the NFL has him mic'd up for the Texans' 45-21 smashing of the Tennessee Titans (whose franchise strength and conditioning program has already come under attack from players in the NFL this year). Perhaps the best segment is the very last one as the NFL camera follows Watt as he forces a strip sack fumble, recovers it, cooly walks back to the sideline and then gets called onto the field where he promptly catches a TD pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

JJ Watt Recovers Own Strip Sack Then Catches TD Pass:

Yes, that just happened. Even Hollywood couldn't put this in a movie because it's too outrageous. JJ Watt just does it.

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