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Steve Smith Sr. Openly Slams the Titans' Strength and Conditioning Program

Nov 9, 2014

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith body slammed Tennessee Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard while he was trying to make a block during Sunday’s game and it resulted in a holding penalty against Smith. But, Smith said it was the result of the Titans’ lack of strength.

“I body-slammed him, so I think that’s really a testament to their lack of strength and conditioning coach down in Tennessee,” Smith said after the 21-7 win. “5-9, 194-pound guy body-slams their linebacker, man, he needs to get his weight up.”

Woodyard at 6-foot, 233 pounds definitely out-sizes Steve Smith, but the talented and cocky receiver wasn’t about to let it go after the game.

Steve Smith had just three catches for 17 yards and no touchdowns during the game, but clearly was an influential blocker throughout. The 35-year-old has had a solid 711 yard season with four touchdowns.

The 21-7 win for Baltimore jumped them to 6-4, even with the Pittsburgh Steelers and just one game behind the Cleveland Browns for the AFC North lead.

We’ll have to see if the Titans listen to Smith and upgrade on their strength and conditioning for next week’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


This post originally appeared on Fansided and authored by Cameron La Fontaine. You can view the original article here.

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