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Need A Mental Boost? 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel Review

Oct 9, 2013

strength training, product review, 2nd surge product review

The all-natural “Mind & Muscle Fuel” gel shots sport 100 mg of caffeine on just 90 calories. Although we had not tried any gel shots so far, we were interested to see how feasible it was to first ingest one of these and then observe the effect on our strength workouts. What we found out was pleasantly surprising.

The 2nd Urge Ultra Energy Gel chocolate flavor is actually pretty easy to consume. The foreign feeling of squeezing syrupy gel into your mouth is quickly forgotten by the sweet flavoring. And although Ultra Energy Gel also brings 13 grams of sugar with it, you can get by when taking it at the recommended time (before or during workouts).

I usually took the gel shot after work and before my workout when I am most tired. Within 25 minutes I immediately got a little energy buzz but nothing remotely close to the intense pre-workout formulas on the market. Physically, I would say the effect was minimal but it was definitely a mental boost to get me through my strength workout.

2nd Surge was a pleasant supplement to take and was a little treat I looked forward to taking before my workout – not too much and not too little. We end up recommending this product and wish we could get our hands on some more but don’t expect what you would from a traditional pre-workout formula; this product does not aim to do that. It is much more tamed… and tastier.

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