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Introducing the Online Payments Portal

Oct 8, 2020

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest feature...

The Online Payments Portal

For years, we have heard an increasing amount of our customers say they want to use their skills and experience to help more people train online.


Why We Created This Feature

TeamBuildr customers span the spectrum from high school, college, pro to a variety of private settings. However, the common thread we have heard is that coaches want an opportunity to expand their reach in an efficient way: online.

Most coaches we know have a higher education degree, multiple certifications and years of experience. However, the competitive job market and demanding hours make it difficult for coaches to leverage their expertise to create personal income or start a side-business. In the private sector, clients are becoming more transient (moving more often), may be hesitant to train in the gym and are more inclined to create a home training environment during the pandemic.

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This feature is our response to these developments in the industry.

The Online Payments Portal now offers TeamBuildr coaches & trainers the opportunity to easily market and sell training programs online using the TeamBuildr platform. 

How It Works

All of the programming built in TeamBuildr can be assigned as an annual or monthly price in the Payments Portal. TeamBuildr will then generate a custom landing page with a URL that can be shared with the world on social media, website or email to start marketing the training program. Athletes and clients can sign-up, pay on the spot, and then download the TeamBuildr mobile app to start training!

The auto-generated landing page and URL will lead to a customized landing page that uses your colors, logo, program description and other details that define your brand and programming. This page will also show the other programs that coaches offer!

Payment Portal


The TeamBuildr Online Payments Portal is included with any TeamBuildr subscription. We take no commission on any sales. Customers net all revenue generated via the payment portal less credit card processing fees which vary by country.

Important Details: Employees and Visibility

Employees: If you are using a TeamBuildr subscription paid for by a school or organization where you are employed, you have the option to create a separate personal TeamBuildr account. Accessing the Online Payments portal requires a paid subscription, however, we will authenticate your personal TeamBuildr account if your school account is paid and valid, for up to one year. After one year, coaches will need to maintain a paid personal TeamBuildr account separate from their school account if they wish.

Visibility: If you do not plan on utilizing Online Payments or want to limit visibility of the Online Payments tab, you can do so in your Settings.

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If you interested in growing your business or your side hustle, you can book a call with us to learn more about how to get started or start a FREE 14-day trial if you are new to TeamBuildr!

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