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The Best Three Deadlift Variations For Athletes With Back Pain

When I say “deadlift,” what is your initial visualization of the word? You probably imagined an athlete on a platform, doing a conventional stance deadlift, with a barbell, from the floor – right? [...]


Simple, Cost Effective Cramp Solutions S&C Coaches Need to Know

Pedialyte. Mustard packets. Pickle juice. Gatorade. Cramping is mainly due to (de)hydration, right? Only if your knowledge base is stuck in the 80s…


Getting Back in the Game: Helping Athletes Mentally Prepare After an Injury

September 28, 2017, Justin Ochoa in Injury Leave a comment

As a coach, trainer, parent, spectator, friend, etc. there may not be a more gut-wrenching feeling than seeing someone you truly care for in pain. Whether it’s your 2-year-old son home sick with a [...]


The Best Squat Variations for Athletes with Back Issues

Depending on who you ask or which journal publishes the study, back pain may be the leading cause of discomfort in athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Besides shoulders and knees, there’s [...]