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A Word About the 2014 NSCA Coaches Conference

Jan 8, 2014

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This year's National Strength and Conditioning Coaches Conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on Jan. 9, 10 and 11. As always, we expect a great show and lineup of speakers. Here are a few thoughts on the upcoming conference...

The conference keynote speaker will be Coach Joe Ehrmann. We think Joe is a special speaker because he is representing exactly what the Strength and Conditioning industry is experiencing today: the evolution of the strength coach professional as a well-rounded individual that can offer a program multiple values beyond fitness knowledge.

Joe's background unites successful careers in sports, education, and philanthropy. He displays what it means to be a truly diversified professional. As an industry, Strength and Conditioning is maturing in many ways. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, salaries for strength coaches are going up as well as budgets. As the profession matures, the standards will be raised as well.

2014 NSCA Coaches Conference - Indianapolis

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In this day and age, the requirements for full-time, professional strength coaches will be more demanding in the context of organizational skills, job performance, and technology. Joe exemplifies what it means to bring high quality value to an organization and we are excited to hear him speak.

As exciting as 2014 will be Strength & Conditioning, it is just as exciting for us here as TeamBuildr as well. With our new release coming in the Spring and several High School, NCAA, and Professional coaches currently testing our beta, we are proud to display our latest technology at the conference.

Our Special Offer...

That is why for this conference we will be running a special for Strength coaches. To celebrate the release of the new version of TeamBuildr, we will be giving coaches a 1-year free subscription. All you have to do is come to our booth and claim it. Simple as that.

We hope everyone travels safely and we are excited to see you there!

- James & Hewitt

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