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3 Steps to Acquiring Strength Training Software

Sep 27, 2014

The past ten years have brought a tidal wave of innovation surrounding strength training tools. Although some technologies have not met the needs of coaches, there have been great breakthroughs - like Hudl - that bring fantastic value sports. One of the up-and-coming tools for strength coaches is strength training software.

However, technology - like any other product - must demonstrate value in order to collect buy-in. Here are three ways strength coaches can justify investing in strength training software:

1. Demonstrate the Return-on-Investment

Return-on-Investment (ROI) is primarily captured two different ways: By saving time or by saving money. If a product/service is really slick but does not save you time, then it is not a good investment.

Is it faster than Excel? If yes, then does it allow the same functionality? If not, a strength coach will have to weigh the pros and cons. When an S&C coach knows that a product is saving time, he or she can make a simply case for ROI:

Formula: (4 hours saved) x ($10 per hour) = $40 per week saved

Then, ($40 per week) x (20 weeks) = $800 saved per year

Finally, ($800 saved) - ($100 invested) / ($100 invested) = 800% Return-on-Investment

Not bad!

2. Make sure the strength training software is user-friendly

Even the largest companies struggle with largely capable systems that are just not user-friendly. In today's world customers and users can demand ease of use in technology! Instagram and Twitter exploded for one important reason: they're painfully easy and simple!

When an Athletic Director or sports coach evaluates a fitness training software program, it goes a long way if they feel like they could use it themselves.

3. Ensure the company is continuously updating

One thing is true about technology: it moves fast! Unfortunately, too many software companies seek to pour a bunch of money into building a product and then stop when it's time to charge money for it.

Make sure that your strength training software provider is always listening to feedback and creating new feature requests. Strength coaches always ask their athletes to continuously improve. It's totally fair to expect the same from a software provider that claims to earn your business.

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