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A Strength Coach's Guide to LinkedIn

Mar 27, 2014


LinkedIn is the known the “professional social network.” In many ways, it's not even a social network - it's more like a professional network where you won't see many people younger than their early 20's. The type of information you should share and read will be focused on industry or market that it is targeting (no cat pictures!).

LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals in the strength & conditioning and make a professional appearance online. That allows you to stay in touch passively by just being a member of the network. However, perhaps the best part of LinkedIn is the job opportunities - the professional network is growing rapidly mostly on the fact that it is the world's most powerful matchmaker.

You should update your profile about anything that happens in your career. Think of LinkedIn as your online record of your advancement as a professional. Be sure to proofread everything you write, even if it’s a simple comment in a group discussion.

Speaking of groups, make sure to join them! They are insanely valuable as many S&C professionals from all over the globe contribute and discuss topics, articles, and debate on different issues in these groups. We've pulled what we think are the top 5 groups to join on LinkedIn for coaches:

1. CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists - By far the largest group on LinkedIn, it is also the most active. In addition, anyone can join which makes it free game for non-certified's to learn from the big dogs.

2. Strength and Conditioning Coaches - Strength coaches and personal trainers group for discussion and collaboration between professional trainers and coaches. Standard "must join" for LinkedIn.

3. Strength and Conditioning News - Smaller than the first two groups but heavy in discussions, this is a good place to check in from time to time.

4. High School Football Strength And Conditioning - This group is as close as you get to a well-kept secret. Small in members, but robust in discussions. We expect that this group will grow in the future.

5. Strength and Conditioning Round Table - Round Table is a locked group; this makes certain that S&C professionals are the ones that make it on in order to contribute high quality content.

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