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What if Normal People Flopped Like Soccer Players?

Jul 10, 2014

National Public Radio released a well-produced video answering the nagging question in everyone's mind: "What is normal people flopped like soccer players?"

After this year's World Cup, flopping has been a big topic as millions of Americans accustomed to grueling football and hockey games watch in confusion as futbol players seem to milk any bit of contact they get. Not to be mistaken, World Cup has seen its fair share of blood and bruises, but the seemingly constant ground hugging had the USA a little bit flustered.

As the World Cup made massive ratings and became the most talked about event in Twitter history, many in the US have proclaimed that this is the breakthrough soccer needs to go mainstream in the US. Perhaps the biggest help for that argument is the underdog success the US  Men's National Team saw in the tournament first by beating Gaza and then nearly beating Portugal. The young team is headed by a snappy coach from Germany that has no problem speaking his mind in America and nearly every team member say their Twitter follower count triple or quadruple during World Cup play.

Regardless, its pretty much agreed that the only way America becomes a global soccer powerhouse is if it can steal athletes from football, basketball and baseball. That may not be happening now, but cultural events like this year's World Cup helps... a lot.

Props to NPR for the clever parody about soccer flops!

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