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Podcast with Nationals Strength Coach John Philbin

Oct 21, 2014

Anyone you talk to at the Nationals organization will tell you: Coach Philbin is something else! The head strength and conditioning coach of the 2014 NL East Champs doesn't earn that reputation by being a quiet guy, but we also don't get too many chances to hear an MLB strength spend a 15 minutes straight talking about the day to day of training professional baseball players.

Thankfully, Athletic Strength and Power (ASAP) put together a fantastic podcast interview where Coach Philbin talks everything from hot yoga in the clubhouse to his past as a professional bobsledder (he has also trained athletes in every industry including boxer Oscar de la Hoya). Even more, John reflects on his time in the private sector and how his experiences have influenced where he is now in the MLB.

Maybe the most meaningful part of the interview is when John speaks in the beginning about mentors in his life and how they shaped his career path. One could posit that the lesson here is: No matter where coaches are in the hierarchy today, they probably started somewhere low on the totem pole.

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