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If This Video on Matt McGloin Doesn't Inspire You, We Don't Know What Will

Dec 23, 2013

matt mcgloin video

Without one Division 1 scholarship offer, Matt McGloin was told his dream of playing at Penn State was out of reach.

Growing up in a middle-class Irish family in Scranton, PA, Matt McGloin explains how a tireless work ethic has been instilled in him his entire life and that anything less than his best will mean failure.

After not receiving a single Division 1 offer, he asserted himself as a walk-on at Penn State - then won the job. After he announced that he would stay in spite of the scandals, he was not invited to one single NFL try-out. This resulted in McGloin hand-writing every single GM, promising an unwavering work ethic in exchange for a chance.

Today, McGloin is the starting quarterback for the NFL's Oakland Raiders - but for this inspirational football player, nothing has changed.

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