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Jersey Ads Now. What Later?

Oct 31, 2013

NBA jersey ads

Jersey Ads Now, What Later?

"It's a business..."

We always hear it. Whether you're a high school-er starting your college athletic career or observing your favorite athlete sit out of training camp, the reality check is always brought up somewhere. But some would argue sports is a way to get away from reality, where competition gives fans a sense of pride for their hometown or their alma mater.

When considering that perspective, it makes sense to see the disdain when the NBA plans the announcement of placing ads on players' jerseys in the near future.

Jersey Ads - Too Much or Just Business?

We all know commissioner David Stern and the NBA executives are sports marketing darlings. They were the first league to display Hispanic team names on jerseys and extravagant halftime shows have roots back to the 70's. But has the line been crossed?

Never mind that the NBA will let teams display players' nicknames instead of surnames on this year's jerseys, but the current commissioner himself is against the notion of ads on jerseys (the commissioner-to-be, Adam Silver, is advancing the idea).

Inevitably, the question of 'greed' must enter the argument. Is the NBA just seeking out additional revenues as a good opportunity? The league says that it must find new ways to keep up with skyrocketing players and coaches salaries. Additionally, the league could also argue that this prevents ticket prices rising - however, they would have to confirm this to give me any comfort.

You Watch, You Decide

What's your take? Is the NBA being greedy and ruining the integrity of the sport with letting corporate sponsors assert themselves on the court of play - or - are they simply following the progression of good business that other international leagues do already today?


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