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3 Things That Will Make You a Better Athlete and Teammate

Jun 24, 2013

Naturally, a lot of our readers happen to be coaches. However, most of us were all players at one point and we all understand that a team's success is a function of the actions of both players and coaches.

If you are a coach, feel free to forward this article on how to be a better athlete and teammate to your players, as we believe even one of these points will make them a better player.


1. Redefine Your Understanding of the Term "Hard Work": Having an excellent work ethic is not a one-time push, it is a consistent and continual effort. The hardest worker on the team is not the one blowing up the weight room when they show up 75% of the time. Rather, it's the one that shows up  every time, on time and gives a continuous high level of effort day-in and day-out. The hardest worker is in it for the long haul.

2. Implement Small, Incremental Changes in Your Lifestyle: Great teammates and players make their athletic career their lifestyle. However, when making a massive change for the better, you're better off starting off small and starting one thing at a time as opposed to a massive overhaul.

Nutrition, for example, can be better done by changing your breakfast for a few weeks before changing all three meals right away. Rome wasn't built in day. Eventually, all those small changes will add up into a champion lifestyle.

3. Under-promise and Over-deliver: Some leaders are vocal and some lead by example. In any case, you are better off speaking encouragement and performing on the field. Speaking too much about your game-play can set you up for a loss in credibility. Be confident in your abilities and exude that confidence on the field or court.

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