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6 Programs That Your Athletes Can Do At Home

Sep 14, 2020

Whether your school is in a hybrid model or fully remote, TeamBuildr can help you keep your athletes on track for this semester. Click below to download a program right into your TeamBuildr account today or start a free 14-day trial!

Bodyweight Program Phase I


This program is designed to introduce someone to an exercise regimen and consists of low intensity bodyweight movements during the duration of the program. This program will also have a rest interval component as well that will not only allow for the person to get stronger, but to also increase their metabolic output as well.

BW Program 1_Blog

Bodyweight Program Phase II


This is a 5-Week/3-Day program that is an expanded version of a previous posted on TeamBuildr. This program will have a higher level of difficulty than phase one. This will include advanced tempo bodyweight movements that will make this program progressively harder over the 5 weeks.

BW Program_Blog

Speed & Power Program


The purpose of this program is to give the athlete the minimum effective dose of sprint, ballistic throwing and plyometric work over the course of a 5 week period. This program will allow the athlete to continue to keep the nervous system active and working so as not to incur "power loss", during this time of social distancing. This program only requires a med ball; no other special equipment will be needed. The hope is this program will allow the athlete to continue to train, so as when they return to a normal training environment, they will be ready to again perform at a high level.

SpeedPower Program_Blog

Middle School H.I.I.T. Circuits


This program is designed as an introductory program for young men and women from grades 6-8. This program will introduce these young students to preparatory circuits that can be built upon during later training sessions.

MS HIIT Program_Blog

Middle School Bodyweight Strength


This program is designed as an introductory program for young men and women from grades 6-8. This is a 3-day per week program (W, W, F) built around teaching foundational movements that will used as a progression for more advanced programs.

MS Strength Program_Blog

Football Conditioning


This program is designed with a progressive approach to developing a conditioning base for a football student athlete. This program will assure that both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems are trained to prepare the athlete to advance to more strenuous activity.

Football Condish Program_Blog

Did we mention it's free to start a free trial? No credit card. No Gimmicks. Just here to help you push boundaries and exceed athlete limitations.

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