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3 Ways Resistance Bands Can Improve Your Athleticism

Mick Byers
Dec 15, 2020

There is no shortage of info on the web showing how Resistance Bands can be used to get you stronger using the band to ADD resistance. Given that increasing max strength is a popular goal,  it is no surprise that Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift are the primary exercises resistance bands are used with. However, bands can be used for so much more than just developing max strength. This article will show just some of the ways to use resistance bands to boost power, develop postural strength, and move in different ways to get truly athletic!

Resistance bands can be used to provide:

  1. Assistance
  2. Eccentric Overload
  3. Postural Challenge


Resistance bands can be used to provide assistance. Most commonly, they are used to allow an ‘over-speed’ component, which is great for tapping into fast twitch fibers. Perhaps more useful and important though, is that bands can be used to reduce the demand of an activity, making them both a great teaching and de-loading tool.

Band exercises that provide assistance:

  1. Push ups with band for de-load
  2. Jumps for ‘over-speed’
  3. SL Hops for learning

PushUp_CombinedPush Up – Start Position (left) and finish position (right)

S.Pastuch_Blog CTA

Eccentric Overload

Using bands to produce eccentric overload is a simple and effective way to improve eccentric strength, while providing plenty of potential to individualize exercises. The eccentric overload occurs when the band effectively pulls you towards its base, requiring you to decelerate. Athleticism is about quickly changing positions, and accelerating from the positions in these exercises will improve the body’s ability to decelerate, increasing its athleticism. 

Band exercises that produce eccentric overload:

  1. Lateral Lunge (Eccentric)
  2. Squat Drop to Jump to repeated jumps
  3. Broad Jump (Eccentric)

BandBroadJump_CombinedBroad Jump start (left) and finish (right)

LateralLunghFinishLateral Lunge Finish Position. Start from standing.

Postural Challenge

The main way bands can help develop postural strength is by maintaining tension on the band with one arm while performing a different movement with the other arm. These types of exercises allow you to both challenge postural demand and increase time under tension.

  1. Pull Down w/ Iso Hold (Pull)
  2. Floor Press w/ Iso Hold (Push & Pull) 
  3. Row - 1 Arm Seated Cable (Band Iso)

By providing Assistance, Eccentric Overload, and Postural Challenge, bands have great application beyond max strength lifts. By exploring different movement patterns and ways to challenge the body, we can not only add variety, but boost athleticism.

PullDownWithBand_MidRepPull Down w/ Band (mid rep)

Bodyweight Program-P2

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