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Why I Use TeamBuildr in a Private Setting

Tim Kelly
Jan 30, 2024

Some of you reading this are old enough to remember the days of the notepad and pencil form of programming, some are old enough to remember weaving the intricate tapestry that is Excel programming and printing workout sheets, some still use the Whiteboard method, and some are lucky to have products like TeamBuildr for implementing all of your programming and sports data/monitoring needs.

The expansive features of Teambuildr and its Sport Science integrations help the most elite professional and collegiate teams run smoothly. It is also pertinent to mention how valuable this software can be for young and up-and-coming athletes and coaches. To use an analogy: don’t skip to calculus before you master algebra, and don’t skip to algebra before you master basic arithmetic. This adage is even more important when working with low training age athletes and general population clients.

The biggest opportunities Teambuildr gives coaches:

  • Improved Time Management
  • Increased Organization
  • Improved Accountability Tools
  • Increased Creativity
  • Wider Reach of Influence
  • Educational Resources
  • Optimized Facility Spacing
  • Optimized Group Flow

The biggest opportunities Teambuildr gives athletes:

  • Structure
  • Accountability
  • Education
  • Results

I work with athletes and general population clients of all ages and abilities and I work for myself, as well as implement a youth sports performance program at a local community center. The intricacies of day-to-day athlete monitoring and sports data are an excellent way to manage high-performance teams. There are numerous reasons to use the software in a 1-on-1 or small group setting in the private sector.

When we think of the private setting what are some of the problems that private facilities and practitioners offer the solution to?

Clients are often looking for private facilities that are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Objectively Driven
  • Have a Positive Community Atmosphere
  • Have a quality Return on Investment in the training

If someone walks in and has never trained before, no amount of specific data will matter to the beginning trainee. What does matter is a consistent framework, resources that encourage accountability, and objective feedback. The TeamBuildr app allows for an intuitive understanding of the exercises tasks and order at hand to the new trainee. The ability to communicate through the app via opting out, journaling, or uploading media all but guarantees the electronic version of the coaching experience.

The ability to lighten the informational exchange load between coaches and clients is the key metric in creating a lasting effect on the people who walk through a private setting’s door. Most trainees have no concept of exercise selection, exercise order, daily training parameters, volumes, and intensities. Because let's be honest...the world of training can quickly overload both the intellect and the physiology to that of the beginner in the age of social media and Google. 

I have noticed social media has increased the accessibility and importance of training to the general public. However, there are many layers and tradeoffs to the training process, and our job as coaches in the private setting is to provide high-quality service and cultivate a lasting audience that eventually becomes like a second family. Being able to teach every angle that training targets regarding self-development are key features of the services private settings provide and justification of private training costs. Otherwise, everyone is left to the sea of information on the Internet to figure it out for themselves which is the key reason for giving up... that I have observed firsthand. 

I believe the adage is you get what you pay for, and as many of the technological advancements society has seen with apps like Facebook, IG, Uber, Airbnb, etc provide to the consumer... TeamBuildr is no different when it comes to value added versus the cost to the user. Technology, and in this case, Exercise Programming Software, when done properly enhances the user experience and implementation while leaving the human element at the forefront and elevated. 

The ability to build these teaching constraints on the coach’s end is the valuable education that Teambuildr provides the new trainee. Some examples of this are: tracking reps, maxes, velocity, and many of the other valuable tools that help teach clients the value and skills of proper barbell training. Again, the expectation to track rep and weight PRs as well as provide feedback via the journal and upload media feature are excellent teaching tools to a new trainee with no understanding of what the structure and consistency provide in their future. Often athletes will come up and ask me to demonstrate an exercise, which I have no problem doing, but I ask if they have watched the video demonstration first. In the youth population, I have found so often they are spoon-fed information and given so many guardrails that they rarely create self-reliance or accept the opportunity to take initiative. TeamBuildr gives me the flexibility to have more athletes per group and helps usher in autonomy into the training age at earlier stages without ramifications if programmed correctly for their ability level.

Examples of this are the ability to stack group training. If you run a sports performance model there is a combination of turf vs weight room work and having Teambuildr equivocally puts another coach in your space to be able to fit multiple groups in an overlapping timeslot when switching from turf training like speed/agility/plyometrics to weight room resistance training. 

The ability to create autonomy and space usage of a private facility not only empowers the process of maturation from a beginner to intermediate and advanced trainee, but it fosters the kind of environment that builds leaders, not followers. When you can see an 11-year-old attack their exercise progression similar to that of a seasoned collegiate or pro athlete, you know the tools at hand helped cultivate a much farther-reaching effect than your traditional group weight training class. Better yet when a former client goes to college and is ahead of his peers when stepping into the collegiate weight room on the first day it gives them a sense of confidence and ease of transition.

It also can add a dynamic/flexibility factor to clients who go out of town or switch from in-season and off-season training at your private facility. This offering is yet another way to capture the many degrees of commitment that you run across on the business end when obtaining your clientele. In other words, it is a great feature for coaches looking to turn their skill set into a less hands-on income source. Don’t let the passive income term fool you, it requires work, but it helps you reach a wider audience and in turn helps improve your ability to make money and convert these resources into evolving your coaching and/or business even more. Never would I have thought I would work with athletes in India, Australia, or even other states in the United States. TeamBuildrs’ Payments Portal and online interface allow for coaching to transcend borders and barriers of entry previously limited by geography.

It helps show you care about the client's development and well-being. It helps match expertise with those seeking answers to complicated problems and histories. It demonstrates you are equally invested in them learning the why as the how. The more you can show you care about the necessary details, without the time vacuum that Excel used to cause when addressing these learning curves and energy inputs; you are left with a healthy interface to bridge the analytical and creative worlds of human performance on both the coaching and clients end. 

Simply put, this software allows your clientele to build confidence and trust. Being able to see the development of a youth athlete with no real direction suddenly becoming a candidate for the collegiate athletics pool does wonders for the private facility. Or being able to empower a new mother or aging injury-prone athlete who traditionally hates training is yet another value add in fostering community among your private facilities’ reach.

Furthermore, from a business perspective, TeamBuildr is a value add that gives you both credibility and separation from your local globo-gym when it comes to the market of team sports and small semi-private group training. Whether it is aspiring collegiate/professional athletes or weekend warriors who aren’t done yet. The versatility is up to the proprietor’s expertise and imagination.

If you are on the fence about TeamBuildr as a personal trainer, small business owner, new online coach, or even a small market team like a high school, junior college, or non-Division 1 setting take this as a sign as a tool to help improve your coaching influence, coaching development, and out of the gym results for all the people you work with. 

If you’re still on the fence, look at the numerous articles on the TeamBuildr blog, the TeamBuildr video library, or better yet start the 14-day free trial to see the benefits!

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