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TeamBuildr x Smartbase Integration Dashboard

Hewitt Tomlin
May 28, 2020

Sharing clients across college sport, olympic teams, elite training organizations and the military, Fusion Sport and TeamBuildr have developed an API integration to enable data to be shared from the TeamBuildr platform directly into Smartabase.

The Smartabase Human Performance Platform is a data analytics hub, enabling organizations to pull this data into the platform alongside various other data points for a deeper insight into athlete performance and readiness to perform.

Those with both a Smartabase site and a TeamBuildr account can sync the two platforms. This allows head coaches and strength coaches to pull S&C data directly from TeamBuildr into their Smartabase platform to be analysed and combined with various other data points into one interactive report, providing a more holistic view of athlete performance.

In the below example, TeamBuildr data is incorporated with data from GymAware to create a more in depth and ‘all in one’ S&C report for coaches, starting with a squad overview looking at volume load and week on week percentage changes.

An advantage of integrating TeamBuildr information into Smartabase is the ability to calculate preferred 1RM scores, so we have included raw data and the 1RM scores using the Epley, O’Connor, and Brzycki methods into the table in the report, which can be sorted directly in the report as preferred:

S&C dashboard

The GymAware data has also been added to the dashboard report to expand on the overall picture of athlete strength and power by presenting the squads power progression. From a wide array of published research, strength and power progressions are strongly correlated so it was logical to pair these two data sources together into one report to help coaches identify any disjoints.

GymAware dashboard TeamBuildr

How to Integrate your TeamBuildr and Smartabase Platforms

If you have both the TeamBuildr platform and a Smartabase site and you would like to find out more about integrating your data, please contact your lead builder at Smartabase or email

For more information on the Smartabase Human Performance platform click here.

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