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TeamBuildr Feature Update - Nov. 2019

Hewitt Tomlin
Dec 1, 2019

Weight Room View Beta Update, Rep Ranges and New Copy, Save & Load Functions!

We have a few new features launching today and we want to make sure you know how to take advantage of them! The main updates to note are:

  1. The Weight Room View Beta now has a setting to allow for Superset Toggling
  2. Rep Ranges can now be set for exercises on the Calendar
  3. Workout Titles & Colors and Prescribed Weight can now be copied, saved and loaded on the Calendar
  4. The Weight Room View Beta now has a Dark Mode option

For more information on these features, see below:

Weight Room View Superset Toggling

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we have gotten on the new Weight Room View is that they liked how the old version toggled through the individual sets of a superset. So, we went ahead and built that into the new one! By default, this setting is not enabled, but it can be turned on from within the Weight Room View itself (using the Gear icon) and set as an organization default in your Organization settings.

Rep Ranges

We are excited to announce that rep ranges are available on TeamBuildr. Rep ranges can be added for all sets or as custom rep values. So, you can now use values like 4–6 or 5+ for your workouts!​

**Note: The Old WRV does not support rep ranges. The Android app does not support Rep Ranges at the moment, but an update is coming very soon)

Copying Prescribed Load

Specific load prescriptions have been a heavily used feature since we launched them earlier this year. There was something missing though — you couldn’t carry them over when you copied workouts on the calendar….until now! You will see a new checkbox on the Copy dialog that lets you choose if you want to bring over the Prescribed Load.​

Saving & Loading Workout Titles & Prescribed Loads

Workout Titles can be important for planning and instructional purposes and while you could always copy them over, that is something that has been missing from our saving and loading functions. You can now choose if you want to save or load Workout Titles & Colors for any workout using a checkbox on the Save & Load windows. We also threw in saving and loading Prescribed Loads while we were at it! 😉 ​

Dark Mode has Arrived on WRV

If you are like us and love having all your apps in dark mode, then we have good news for you…WRV is the first feature in TeamBuildr to get a Dark Mode version! To switch into Dark Mode, you will just need to hit the Gear Icon at the top right corner and switch the Dark Mode toggle to “ON”.

Expanded Weight Room View Beta Compatibility

There are a large number of customers who still use older tablets like the iPad 2 and with the first release of our Weight Room View, those devices weren’t supported (mainly because browser security has changed so much since they were released in 2011). We wanted to change that though, so we worked hard to bring WRV compatibility to as many devices as possible. We are happy to report you should now be able to use the new Weight Room View on a large number of legacy devices. Here is the updated list of minimum Browser and OS Compatibility:

  • iOS: 8 and higher
  • Android: 8 and higher
  • Chrome: 50 and higher
  • Firefox: 58 and higher
  • IE: 11

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