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Interview with Private Trainer Kevin Wynne

May 30, 2013

We had a chance to catch up with private training business owner and TeamBuildr user Kevin Wynne to ask him a few questions.  As Kevin and his wife, Danielle, run their training facility, we asked them how they gain the edge in the ultra-competitive private training business. This is what they had to say:


What capabilities does TeamBuildr give you with your clients that you didn't have before?

Teambuildr gives us the capabilities to set up different workouts based on the sport our client plays in.  We can adjust the workouts the way we need to and have something to remind us what they did last week and what they need to work on now without trying to remember or have the clients remember what they did.

We were looking for a software that would allow us to enter clients names and information as well as let them know what they would work on from day-to-day.  We found Teambuildr.

 What do your clients/athletes like about TeamBuildr the most?

Our clients like the fact that we are telling them ahead of time what they will be doing that day.  In the past they would show up and then we would tell them and it didn't seem fresh or organized.  Our clients check their phones and it tells them exactly what's on the agenda so there are no questions and everyone is ready to go once they come in.

Do you believe that TeamBuildr gives your business an advantage over other strength and fitness trainers who may not use TeamBuildr?

From time-to-time we hear athletes saying that they wished they knew what they would be doing today with other trainers.  Since we now have that capability and the capability to sign-up teams quicker, I think we have an advantage over other trainers if they are not using Teambuildr.  We have been able to keep a list of all of our clients, active or non-active.  It has allowed us to present our business to coaches and parents a little better because it has made us better organized than we ever were before.  Teambuildr adds a professional touch to your business.

What else has TeamBuildr contributed to your experience so far?

We like working with James and Hewitt because when we first met them at a NSCA Conference in Nashville, TN, they were honest and to the point about what their program does and does not do.  With our business growing, we have been able to request a few things and they have been there to help us while we are helping them with the site.  Communication has been great and we look forward to growing with Teambuildr in the future!

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