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Fitness Wearable Fitbit Gets Fashionable for Ladies

Jul 16, 2014

Earlier this year, we wrote a detailed post on which fitness wearables were the best fit for high school and college athletes. Today, there is a wide range of wearables that could be appropriate for athletes and no one is a clear leader. On the simpler end of that spectrum is Fitbit which simply tracks sleeps and steps walked/ran throughout the day. Although this is not the most hardcore hardware on the market, it's a good choice for athletes simply looking to get started and track some simple metrics.

Fitbit Becomes High-Fashion

Fitbit is already known to be one of the better looking wearables: it's small, minimal, and sleek. However, the San Francisco company is looking to extend that image through a partnership with women's designer Tory Burch. The result? High fashion Fitbit jewelry that can women can sport during work, nightlife and in the gym. Even as a bunch of guys here at TeamBuildr, we have to say, "Looks good, well done" and we will personally be impressed if we see any of our friends showcasing the new ladies' Fitbit designs.

Here are some pictures:

tory burch fitbit pair

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