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Launched: New iOS and Android Apps

Hewitt Tomlin
Jul 11, 2022

This past week we announced the arrival of the new iOS and Android TeamBuildr mobile apps - they are titled in the app stores as "TeamBuildr Training."

While the old apps are currently still functional, we encourage all coaches and athletes to download and switch to the new TeamBuildr Training mobile app ASAP as all new features will only be released to the new apps. The old app are no longer able to be downloaded from either app store and will eventually be "sunset." It's been a good 6-year ride.

Up until now, our mobile apps have been built and maintained by a fantastic third-party mobile development agency 3Advance. And while the old mobile apps have served us well up until now, the new apps are entirely built and maintained "in-house" by full-time TeamBuildr employees.

This new direction will positively impact our product and customers in a few ways:

  • Owning the development process in-house will reduce time-to-market for new features and functionality.
  • The new mobile apps are built on the same code as our browser/web app which means that new functionality needs only to be built once and deployed to web, iOS and Android all at once.
  • Owning the development on the same codebase will ensure a higher frequency of new feature development and better scalability of features (no need to rebuild existing features to accommodate new ones).
  • The new app already provides improved speed, response time and better efficiency in low-wifi and low-cell service areas.

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