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Update to Daily Workout Emails

Hewitt Tomlin
Apr 10, 2020

We've made some improvements to our Daily Workout Emails. These are the morning emails to athletes that summarize the workout for the day and link users to open their TeamBuildr app.

To start, we've added on a serious amount of users in the last month due to COVID-19 which has clogged our daily workout email queue. This issue is now fixed and everyone should be receiving emails between 6am and 7am every day.

Starting April 11, Daily Workout Emails go out at 6am in the time zone that the TeamBuildr account admin has set in Settings > Organization Preferences. The default time zone is Eastern Standard Time (GMT+4).

However, individual athletes can set their own preferred time zone in their app settings. Daily Workout emails will then arrive at 6am in their set time zone.


Takeway: Coaches and Athletes should determine their time zone in the TeamBuildr settings!

Daily Workout Emails also got a facelift 😁. Check out the new design:

new daily workout email

Lastly, Daily Workout Emails will be sent to Active users only. In other words, if an athlete is pending (has not registered onto TeamBuildr) they will not be receiving Daily Workout Emails.

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