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How TeamBuildr Can Keep Teams Growing During COVID-19

Ali Schumacher
Mar 18, 2020

So you're quarantined... How do you stay connected with your athletes or clients? We've got the tools to help you train remotely and some tips to help keep the camaraderie amid the COVID-19 frenzy.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, and we all adjust to a new way of life — the closure of schools, gyms, restaurants & bars, the new term of "social distancing," and long days of never leaving the house — it can be difficult and frustrating to navigate these waters.

It can be very easy to go stir-crazy and get caught up in all of the media commotion, but it is during this time where it is most important to stay informed. Everyone has opinions and while some are firm in how they think about it, some are still unsure on how to think about all the craziness going on. Respect each others opinions while also respecting the CDC recommendations

At TeamBuildr, we want to do everything we can to help coaches and trainers feel a little more empowered. Training remotely is not ideal but it has become a reality for many, if not all, strength programs at this time. Creating the best of this situation can be done with a mobile app solution that creates a more interactive experience and makes the workout program more accessible resulting in higher compliance.

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How TeamBuildr Can Help

  1. Mobile App: The mobile app comes free to coaches & athletes with any TeamBuildr subscription (we're offering free trials through April 30th at the moment). Enabling the use of our workout progress tracker app when training athletes remotely allows for a better coach-athlete feedback loop. Athletes not only access workouts on a device they will always have but can interact with their workout via videos, track their progress, know their strength thresholds and interact with their teammates.
  2. Sports-Science Questionnaires: Coaches have the ability to administer custom-built health and wellness questionnaires that athletes can answer on their smartphone or on the Weight Room View app. Once you build out the questionnaire, you can program it, and then athletes can submit responses first thing in the morning, before the workout or after the workout. Athlete questionnaire data is instantly sent to the coach dashboard and color-coded reports.
  3. Video Coaching: Every TeamBuildr fitness training software subscription offers the ability for athletes to record themselves on their mobile device for coaches to evaluate in order to make remote fitness coaching a better, higher-quality experience.
  4.  Messaging & Team Feed: Stay connected with your athletes! Create a 2-way dialogue during your time away from each other. Athlete's can post in the team feed as a message board where they can comment and like posts. Or coaches can use it to post daily challenges and motivational quotes - get creative!
  5. Training Templates: We also provide up to 60 modern, proven strength and conditioning workout templates that include sport-specific programs, in/off-season phases and specialty programs such as Conjugate, Triphasic, and at-home bodyweight strength and power programs. All of our personal training program design templates are able to be edited and modified by the coach.

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Keeping The Camaraderie

Create A Challenge: Challenges are a great way to keep your athletes/clients moving and it still helps create that competitive nature that everyone is probably craving. Maybe it's a total push-ups or squats or plank -- whatever it is try to keep it simple while making it competitive (a prize at the end always helps 😎).

>> TeamBuildr Tip: You can create the challenge in TeamBuildr and add it to the leaderboard to track your athletes/clients!

Virtual Training: For full time personal trainers and gym owners, the pandemic can be economically detrimental as gyms and studios are being forced to close. Its 2020 and technology is ever evolving. Many studios are turning to Virtual Classes. So why not do it with your athletes or personal training clients? Services like Zoom, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or even FaceTime are great ways to workout with your athletes and have everyone together for a virtual fitness training session!

Weekly Newsletters: This could be the perfect time to prove to your clients, your athletes, or even your athletes parents how much they mean to you. That you truly care about their well-being and that you don't just like to pick things up and put them down. You can discuss topics like mental health, mobility, nutrition, whatever meets your fancy! If you can't be in your clients/athletes faces everyday, you might as well be in their inbox! Here is an example of screenshots of what Garrett Keith at Westminster Christian Academy has sent out about his daily wellness survey.

>>TeamBuildr Tip: You can use our Documents & Links feature to put the weekly newsletters on their calendar or any other documents you wish to share!

Stay Positive!

This is a weird time for everyone but it is so important to stay positive for yourself, your family, your friends, and of course your athletes!

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