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Pricing Change 2023

Hewitt Tomlin
Nov 22, 2022

TeamBuildr will be changing pricing effective January 1, 2023. For existing customers under contract the price change will go into effect for renewals taking place after July 1, 2023:

Plan Current Price (USD) New Price (USD) Athletes
Silver $500/yr. | $50/mo. $600/yr. | $60/mo. 1-50
Gold $800/yr. | $80/mo. $1,000/yr. | $100/mo. 51-250
Platinum $1,200/yr. | $120/mo. $1,500/yr. | $150/mo. 251-500
Platinum Pro $1,800/yr. | $180/mo. $2,400/yr. | $240/mo. 501-1,000

As many customers know, our company has never taken investment. This allows us to build more customer-centric product and offer the most cost-effective solution in the market.

However, in order to acquire talented developers, continue building innovative features and keep us with rising costs, we need to update our prices to reflect our ever-growing value. In short, our product is getting better at a rapid rate - and our prices should reflect that addition of value so that we can continue adding even more value.

To be clear, we are not reliant on price hikes. This will only be our second price raise in 10 years.

After taking a careful look at our competitive market we will continue offering prices lower than competitors while delivering more features. Furthermore, we have decided to be honest and transparent with our price chance. In addition to this blog post, we have sent an email, in-app message and social media post to all customers. This is not a hidden announcement. 

Existing customers will have till July 1, 2023 to renew and "lock in" their legacy price. Customers can even "lock-in" the price for multiple years by agreeing to multi-year contracts.

As has always been our mission, our company is committed to building the best software for our customers at the best value.

- Hewitt & James

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