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Is It OK to Drink Coffee Before a Workout?

Many people will drink coffee to give themselves an extra boost to start their day. However, it's still worth asking if it's OK to drink coffee before a workout to give yourself that extra [...]


Samsung and Under Armour Teaming Up Against Nike & Apple

Reports are out this week that Samsung and Under Armour executives are meeting over an apparent deal similar to Nike's deal with Apple.

If you haven't noticed yet, Nike and Apple have been making [...]


Fitness Wearable Fitbit Gets Fashionable for Ladies

Earlier this year, we wrote a detailed post on which fitness wearables were the best fit for high school and college athletes. Today, there is a wide range of wearables that could be appropriate [...]


The Top 5 Mobile Video Apps for Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Video editing is normally known as grinding task for athletic coaches - think late nights breaking down post-game film or recruiting tapes.

However, video editing can be a powerful tool for strength [...]


Fitness Wearables — The Functional vs. The Frauds

In a world where going viral means starting a new trend, virtually any press is good press. On the surface, it may seem that wearables can do athletes a world of good, but it's time to separate [...]


Need A Mental Boost? 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel Review

The all-natural “Mind & Muscle Fuel” gel shots sport 100 mg of caffeine on just 90 calories. Although we had not tried any gel shots so far, we were interested to see how feasible it was to first [...]


Take it to the Next Level: Vitargo S2 Review

Vitargo S2 is a muscle fuel & recovery supplement made by the friendly people over at GENR8. One of these powder packets stores only 280 calories and 70 carbs – that’s it – so it can be added with [...]


Strength Training with Tools: Fat Gripz Product Review

There are so many tools for working out, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are actually useful. So when Matt from Fat Gripz offered us 15 pairs of their product we were interested [...]