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How to Optimize Rest Between Weight Lifting Sets

rests between olympic lifting sets sets

Weightlifting movements (WLM) are ballistic exercises that utilize the entire body. Due to the explosive nature and musculature involved, these movements can be very taxing and require extended rest periods between sets1. Athletes need 4 to 5 minute rest periods between large, taxing movements2. While rest between sets is crucial for an athlete, both in […]

Keep It Simple, Stupid: Nutrition 101

I will never claim to be an “expert” in nutrition. But what I can say is I’ve been through a myriad of diets and gained valuable experience from each one. To give you an idea of my nutrition adventures, I’ve dabbled in paleo, vegan, vegetarian, carb cycling, stupidity no carbs, 80/20, detoxes, juice cleanses, intermittent fasting, […]

TeamBuildr 4.0 is here

TeamBuildr 4.0 is here – a massive release that took more than a year of development. As with many of our past releases, the workout builder (the Calendar) was at the center of our development efforts. From day one, we always aimed to build a product that saved coaches time. This release is no different […]

Integrating Hardware & Software for Streamlined Strength and Conditioning with Advanced Metric Recording

The Problem The St. Louis Cardinals S&C staff has utilized both hardware sensors and software to capture and record advanced data beyond just sets, reps, and load. These advanced metrics have been essentials to provide the information necessary to properly monitor athletes’ training progressions, monitor fatigue, and make programming decisions. Historically, the technologies that record […]